Sud Web stack

  • We use Analytics to have insights on the UX on our website.

  • Our websites run on Apache. We use the proxy reverse feature to serve directly static websites hosted on GitHub on our domain.

  • We version all our static websites, our brand assets and apps with Git.

  • We use GitHub to store our websites code source, brand assets and our Manifest.

  • We use Slack for day to day exchanges, confcalls and notification center from external services.

  • We use Trello to share vision on what's important to tackle next. We have different boards : general, speakers, sponsors.

  • We use Drive to store brand assets, invoices, billing and other useful documents.

  • We use Atom and a bunch of userful plugins to handle the code of our websites and apps.

  • We use Mailchimp to keep our attendees and speakers informed.

  • We use Travis CI to test and automatically deploy our static website on our server.

  • We use Markdown to write posts for our blog, and also document our processes.

  • We use GitHub Pages with Jekyll for many websites.

  • We use Disqus to power comments on our static blog.

  • We use JavaScript for rendering the content of a Google Spreadsheet in a Single Page Application.

  • We use Ruby on our server in order to run Jekyll.

  • We use Jekyll to build our website. We created a collection for talks. We handle speakers and sponsors via data files.

  • We use Google Sheets to store the call for speakers proposals received from Google Forms.

    Then we use Spreadsheets API to populate a Single Page App for reviewing proposal, vote and sort.

  • We use Buffer to plan our important tweets like reminders for call for speakers, registration, etc.

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