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SupportBee intentionally mimics the email experience because both your team and your customers already understand email well. Tickets in SupportBee are either Unanswered or Answered. When they are created, they are unanswered. Once you reply, they are marked answered and taken off the screen for you to focus on the remaining unanswered tickets. If a customer replies, we mark the ticket unanswered again. You can also star a ticket if you have answered it but want to follow up later.

SupportBee's Features
  • Handle Multiple Email Addresses
  • HTML Email Ticketing
  • Lightning Fast Email Importing
  • Embeddable Contact Form
  • Forward Emails & Create Tickets On Behalf of Customers
  • No Per Agent Fees
  • Auto-Refreshing Everything
  • Comments for Private Discussion
  • Groups & Labels
  • Reply Faster Using Snippets
  • Keyboard Shortcuts FTW!
  • Filters for Help Desk Automation
  • Webhooks & API
  • Insightful Reports
  • Customer History for Context
  • No SupportBee Branding