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We've been a big fan of Python ever since we adopted it for my first startup, Ksplice. But it's been an absolutely ideal tool for Zulip, which is now one of the leading alternatives to Slack. Zulip is 100% open source software, with ~10K stars on GItHub. And being written in idiomatic Python has been really helpful for our open source project, because it's such an accessible language: Any programmer can learn Python quickly. And that means we're not restricted to e.g. "folks who are excited about contributing to Zulip and ALSO know Go".

I've linked to a blog post I wrote on Python's awesome new static type system, which fixes the main complaint one might have about using Python for a large codebase, which has a lot more perspective, as well as some commentary on our Python 3 migration.

Static types in Python, oh my(py)! (blog.zulip.org)
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