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    TeamCity builds then copies to each web tier via a powershell script. The steps for each server are:

    • Tell HAProxy to take the server out of rotation via a POST
    • Delay to let IIS finish current requests (~5 sec)
    • Stop the website (via the same PSSession for all the following)
    • Robocopy files
    • Start the website
    • Re-enable in HAProxy via another POST

  • DigitalPermits

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    TeamCity is our main continuous integration server. It starts creating builds and running tests based on commits that we make in our hosted bitbucket repositories. From there, we have a set of configuraitons that can deploy the built and tested artifacts (web app, batches, db, etc...) to a stage or production server. We still release manually, but we release often, and TeamCity has nice features to help us roll back when things don't work out as planned.

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    Build system.