• Component and DOM testing for React integrated with Mocha.

  • All frontend logic consisted of a plain React app without state management of some sort.

  • Get notified of build status, deployment status, github changes and internal communication for the team.

  • Write next generation js

  • Simple assertions in combination with Enzyme.

  • All ES6 was transpiled trough the babel-loader. CSS was prefixed and minified with postcss-loader. Images optimized with imageoptim.

  • Task runner for building, serving and deploying

  • Serves static content. Was added to make it more easy to transition to serverside view templating and API.

  • The whole application consists of both a Javascript frontend and backend.

  • We wrote a lot of flexbox and css that needed prefixing. PostCSS + Webpack was the best option here.

  • Our DBaaS and backend. All database operations run trough Firebase and requests/responses arrive in realtime.

  • Main platform of deployment. This proved to be the easiest with our React + Node stack.

    We had the develop branch deployed on a staging subdomain and master on the rootdomain.

  • Serves a nice looking map on the detail page of the application.