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In the last year or so, I moved all Checkly monitoring workloads to AWS Lambda. Here are some stats:

  • We run three core functions in all AWS regions. They handle API checks, browser checks and setup / teardown scripts. Check our docs to find out what that means.
  • All functions are hooked up to SNS topics but can also be triggered directly through AWS SDK calls.
  • The busiest function is a plumbing function that forwards data to our database. It is invoked anywhere between 7000 and 10.000 times per hour with an average duration of about 179 ms.
  • We run separate dev and test versions of each function in each region.

Moving all this to AWS Lambda took some work and considerations. The blog post linked below goes into the following topics:

  • Why Lambda is an almost perfect match for SaaS. Especially when you're small.
  • Why I don't use a "big" framework around it.
  • Why distributed background jobs triggered by queues are Lambda's raison d'être.
  • Why monitoring & logging is still an issue.


How I made AWS Lambda work for my SaaS (blog.checklyhq.com)
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