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Decision at Thumbtack about C, Go, Rust, Python

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One important decision for delivering a platform independent solution with low memory footprint and minimal dependencies was the choice of the programming language. We considered a few from Python (there was already a reasonably large Python code base at Thumbtack), to Go (we were taking our first steps with it), and even Rust (too immature at the time).

We ended up writing it in C. It was easy to meet all requirements with only one external dependency for implementing the web server, clearly no challenges running it on any of the Linux distributions we were maintaining, and arguably the implementation with the smallest memory footprint given the choices above.

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Decision at Uber Technologies about JavaScript, Java, C

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Tech Brand Mgr, Office of CTO at Uber

Why Uber developed H3, our open source grid system to make geospatial data visualization and exploration easier and more efficient:

We decided to create H3 to combine the benefits of a hexagonal global grid system with a hierarchical indexing system. A global grid system usually requires at least two things: a map projection and a grid laid on top of the map. For map projection, we chose to use gnomonic projections centered on icosahedron faces. This projects from Earth as a sphere to an icosahedron, a twenty-sided platonic solid. The H3 grid is constructed by laying out 122 base cells over the Earth, with ten cells per face. H3 supports sixteen resolutions: https://eng.uber.com/h3/

(GitHub Pages : https://uber.github.io/h3/#/ Written in C w/ bindings in Java & JavaScript )

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Decision about C

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C C is the first language I ever wanted to learn. There's no better way to really control a computer that I've found.

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Decision about C++, C, Python

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Migrating from Python to Python is many times faster than migrating to another language, and it's well-known how to speed up Python to the speed levels of C/C++.

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Decision at Tencent about C++, C

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C C++ I think programing with c/c++ give me more control about the system. It also drive me to learn more about the system knowledge.

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Decision at Sqreen about C

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The Sqreen PHP agent is both a PHP extension, built in C, and a daemon built in Python. C

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Decision at micro systems about C

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micro systems

The core of the arcapos applications is written in C, so are most of the Lua modules (bindings to various hardware or protocols). C

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Decision about C

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captain of a starship at electronic dreams

been programming in c for over a decade, since learning it in college. still use it for various low level projects. used it recently to develop an embedded application for a custom board. C

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