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Decision at AppAttack about Kubernetes, DigitalOcean, CloudHosting

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Founder/CEO at AppAttack ·

I use DigitalOcean because of the simplicity of using their basic offerings, such as droplets. In AppAttack, we need low-level control of our infrastructure so we can rapidly deploy a custom training web application on-demand for each training session, and building a Kubernetes cluster on top of DigitalOcean droplets allowed us to do exactly that.


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Decision at HostedMetrics about DigitalOcean

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Founder at HostedMetrics ·

Knowing I'd have to move fast as a startup, choosing easy to use tools was imperative.

One of the first stack decisions any startup makes is which server host to use.

For HostedMetrics, I chose DigitalOcean because it gets the job done with minimal fuss and frustration. It has just the right amount of choices, tweaking, and details to get a startup up and running.

So, why not @AWS? As a software engineer, my experience with AWS stretches for over a decade. During that time, I've never held a positive opinion of the user experience on their platform. Newly added products suffer the same problem too, surprisingly.

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Decision at about Let's Encrypt, DigitalOcean, OVH, IPv6

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Hosting started with a single OVH server and quickly grew to more server, first it was DigitalOcean VMs and we were very satisfied about them. But we then noticed some shortcomings about #IPv6 networking, although DigitalOcean supports it they don't provide the standard IP range to each VM (by choice) and thus have to block port 25 to avoid other machines being blocked in case of spammer. This is not good for us it means we can't monitor IPv6 SMTP servers properly, that's why we switched to @Vultr (one of their main competitors) which provides similar prices, more locations, and true IPv6 support with no blocked ports. Of course they offer less tools and the support is probably better at DigitalOcean but so far we're happy with @Vultr.

We still use some @OVH servers (which offers tremendous price/performance ratio) for the main web and database server + 2 of the daemons. In addition to this, we also have 2 DigitalOcean VMs for the secondary web and database server and for the automatic TLS termination proxy used to automatically issue Let's Encrypt certs for status page custom domains (for these servers the IPv6 port block is not an issue)

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Decision at StackShare about Hubot, DigitalOcean, StackDecisionsLaunch, CloudHosting

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Senior Software Engineer at StackShare ·

DigitalOcean is used at StackShare for various tasks, such as serving Hubot and utility work. We have a few different testing environments, and keeping them up to date with fresh production data can be a nightmare to mange manually. DigitalOcean #CloudHosting has allowed us to automate those tasks in an easy way #StackDecisionsLaunch

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about OVH, DigitalOcean, Hetzner Online AG

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·

We use Hetzner Online AG since the inception of our business, because of the great prices, marvelous support and great interface (especially the new cloud interface). Other options that we tested are DigitalOcean (was more expensive than the new hetzner cloud and didn't offer "huge" dedicated servers), @Vultr (about the same issue as with DigitalOcean , although the prices were better), OVH (Prices, old interface, no "tiny" packages and [at least back at the day] only monthly payment) and Living Bots (Only dedicated servers, too expensive for our needs).

Hetzner offered the best spectrum of servers and has great prices and REALLY great prices in the server auctions.

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Decision at PRIZ Guru about DigitalOcean, CloudFlare

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Founder at PRIZ Guru ·

We were trying to decide what is the best approach to get SSL certificates installed on our platforms. One option, of course, was to buy a certificate, manage it, install it manually, fight all the issues, etc...

Eventually, decided to user the certificates from CloudFlare. It is free!!! no need to manage it yourself, which makes it super easy and hassle free. In terms of installation, since all of our stuff in on DigitalOcean, the easiest way to install the certificates was to terminate them on LoadBalancer. Again, the setup is really easy, and no need to manage anything on your origin host side.

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Decision at Washington Brown about imgix, DigitalOcean, CloudFlare

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RMW Web Publishing ·

In mid-2018 we made a big push for speed on the site. The site, running on PHP, was taking about 7 seconds to load. The site had already been running through CloudFlare for some time but on a shared host in Sydney (which is also where most of the customers are). We found when developing the @TuffTruck site that DigitalOcean was fast - and even though it's located overseas, we still found it 2 seconds faster for Australian users. We found that some Wordpress plugins were really slowing the TTFB - with all plugins off, Wordpress would save respond 1.5-2 seconds faster. With a on/off walk through of each plugin we found 2 plugins by Ontraport (a CRM type service that some forms we populating) was the main culprit. Out they went and we built our own plugin to do push the data to them only when required. With the TTFB acceptable, we moved on to getting the complete page load time down. Turning on CloudFlare 's HTML/CSS/JS minifications & Rocket Loader we could get our group of test pages, including the homepage, loading [in full] in just over 2 seconds. We then moved the images off to imgix and put the CSS, JS and Fonts onto a mirrored subdomain (so that cookies weren't exchanged), but this only shaved about another 0.2 seconds off. We are keeping it running for the moment, but the $10 minimum a month for imgix is hardly worth it (would be different if new images were going up all the time and needed processing). The client is overly happy with the ~70% improvement and has already seen the site move up the ranks of Google's SERP and bring down their PPC costs. AND all the new hosting providers still come in at half the price of the previous Sydney hosting service. We have a few ideas that we are testing on our staging site and will roll these out soon.

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Decision at Portainer about DigitalOcean

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Co-founder and Software Engineer at at ·

When talking about cloud hosting and cloud providers for small projects/infrastructure, I usually favor DigitalOcean before any other.

A mix of vast array of cloud servers size, decent availability regions and affordable plans makes it our go solution for our cloud provider choice !

And their management portal is clean and so easy to use that it actually makes you enjoy managing your infrastructure.

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Decision at Flat about DigitalOcean

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CTO at Flat ·

We have been using DigitalOcean during the past 3 years because they provide simple cloud instances in various regions with a clear pricing and good choice of instances sizes. Their service is very reliable and support is great, so that's the perfect choice for us. DigitalOcean's new object storage service is also a good and cheap alternative to S3: we use it for non-critical backups and caches.

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Decision about DigitalOcean

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I use DigitalOcean because of the easy to follow processes they offer. Apart from that ‚ÄĒ flexible pricing and most importantly ‚ÄĒ amazing online community with tons of guides and support materials to tackle any server related issue.

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