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Developing static sites like a landing page for mobile app or just a personal resume using HTML5 and Bootstrap is a lot fun when you are using build tools like gulp . I made a personal resume using above tools and published them on GitHub Pages. It was fast and easy, Thanks to GitHub for the free service. All the JavaScript codes worked perfectly after being concat and minified and uglified by gulp and running perfectly on GitHub Pages. gulp created sitemap and inserted Google Analytics code into all pages and saved about 30% of images size by compressing them during build.

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Decision at Pluckd about gulp

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We use gulp because Django asset pipeline is nonexistent. We tried plugins such as django-compressor but they felt very short of what was desired, with key features, such as adding a map file, missing or difficult to handle.

With gulp, what was taking us days was solved in one afternoon.

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Decision at about gulp

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Front-end builds: producing full minified css/js output from a series of css/less/coffee/cjsx/js components. gulp

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Decision at Promethean TV about gulp

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PrometheanTV utilizes the Gulp tool in the Broadcast Center Tool build pipeline. gulp

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Decision about gulp

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use for my front-end build needs. very powerful, lots of great plugins. makes development and the feedback cycle blissful. gulp

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Decision at Reactor Digital about gulp

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As the main frontend build tool, covering:

  • bower dependency injection
  • deployment methods
  • build versions i.e. dist, local server etc. gulp
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Decision at IVS about gulp

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gulp is a fancy alternative to grunt (that we don't use anymore). Just use async/await instead of "stream" everything (which is a nonsens). We don't use gulp. gulp

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Decision about gulp

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Makes use of pre-processors very easy. It can build most of the popular templating tools. gulp

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Decision about gulp

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Moving from gruntjs to gulpjs was a nice option, coding over setting was a game changer to me. Flexibility in my builds. gulp

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschr盲nkt) about gulp

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gulp is used to package our plugins for the WSC (Woltlab Suite Core) in a fast, convenient and code-driven way. We enjoy the comfort it offers with stuff like the gzip-plugin or tar-packing. gulp

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