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Sr. Software Engineer at StackShare ·

Our team is made up of both remote and local employees. After doing daily standups over Zoom for a while, we started looking for a better solution. Having a fixed time for video meetings was problematic due to time zone differences. And the information that was exchanged was lost to whoever missed the meeting, and not super accessible even if the video was recorded. We also had a goal of minimizing the number of video meetings in our workflow since they're a bit disruptive.

After some discussion, we landed on Jell. It works for a remote/hybrid team, since you can post your status any time. It integrates with Slack, so all posts are collected in one channel. This allows you to browse posts and access information much more easily than you would in video form. It also makes it easy to keep track of daily tasks via a todo-style checklist. We've been using Jell for several months now and it's worked out great for our team.

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I love Jell! We have a remote team at StackShare so we need a very easy way to keep up with what everyone does day-to-day. I've worked in remote teams before and we were doing physical standups, with time differences and such this can be really troublesome and effect productivity. When I get into the office I open up Jell and log the tasks I did yesterday and what I plan on doing today. I then throughout the day can see in Slack when other people post their standups. I find this very efficient and more productive than traditional standups. Jell has become a vital tool in our workflow at StackShare

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We use Jell because we have a distributed & remote team, and as our team grew it became more challenging to conduct traditional standup meetings everyday. There was always a reason someone couldn't attend. Now everyone can participate in standup and catch up on other team members status as their schedule permits. It's also a great tool to journal your own work and keep track of things you accomplish. Pro Tip: force yourself into a daily habit of doing your Jell standup first thing (maybe during that cup of coffee/tea); let it be your focal kick-off moment of the day!

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Development Program Manager at Navitaire LLC ·

I use Jell because it allows our globally dispersed teams stay connected. Jell has allowed us to reduce the off-hour call demand on our teams by providing a solution that encourages collaboration within tools we already use. We use Jell by conducting a virtual daily standup between our locations in North America and Asia. Jell's standup bot integrates with Microsoft Teams seamlessly so it was quickly adopted by our team members.

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Product at Jell ·

We chose Jell because we built Jell :). But seriously, it fits our specific needs. We're a 100% remote company. Online daily standups compliment our live meetings and reduces unnecessary meetings. Jell's standups integrate with Slack and that's extremely convenient. The flexibility of check-ins is a big plus as well. We use them to prep for one-on-ones and distribute product metrics. And lastly, we use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) at the company. Jell's OKRs feature is simple and compliments the day to day aspects of standups and check-ins.

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