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Decision at Bengala about MySQL, SendGrid, GraphQL, React, React Native, Ember.js, Go, Firebase

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React NativeReact Native

Firebase Go Ember.js React Native React GraphQL SendGrid MySQL

Emberjs for our admins panels using ember-apollo and react native using apollo too for our apps, using golang graphql, services like SendGrid to send all the emails, Conekta to for accepting credit cards, firebase for our auth with facebook, google, phone, etc...

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Decision at SmartZip about SendGrid, Authy, Twilio Functions, Twilio, Nexmo, Twilio, SDK, SMS, VoiceAndSms

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Twilio FunctionsTwilio Functions

Nexmo vs Twilio ?

Back in the early days at SmartZip Analytics, that evaluation had - for whatever reason - been made by Product Management. Some developers might have been consulted, but we hadn't made the final call and some key engineering aspects of it were omitted.

When revamping the platform, I made sure to flip the decision process how it should be. Business provided an input but Engineering lead the way and has the final say on all implementation matters. My engineers and I decided on re-evaluating the criteria and vendor selection. Not only did we need SMS support, but were we not thinking about #VoiceAndSms support as the use cases evolved.

Also, on an engineering standpoint, SDK mattered. Nexmo didn't have any. Twilio did. No-one would ever want to re-build from scratch integration layers vendors should naturally come up with and provide their customers with.

Twilio won on all fronts. Including costs and implementation timelines. No-one even noticed the vendor switch.

Many years later, Twilio demonstrated its position as a leader by holding conferences in the Bay Area, announcing features like Twilio Functions. Even acquired Authy which we also used for 2FA. Twilio's growth has been amazing. Its recent acquisition of SendGrid continues to show it.

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Decision at SmartZip about SendGrid,, Loadtest, LoadAndPerformanceTesting

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Principal Software Engineer at Stessa

I was at some point looking for a way to loadtest some of my environments, staging initially, but including production as well, ultimately, to ensure our ability to scale when facing sudden bursts of requests, and understand how it would impact our load balancers, our instances, our database server... etc.

I came across , a service by SendGrid labs which not only allowed my team and I to loadtest our API endpoints but also simulate actual user traffic on our website.


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Decision at StackShare about MailChimp, SendGrid

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We use SendGrid for the weekly newsletters. It is a great tool and as far as I know, it has pretty much all of the features MailChimp has.

The code editor is great. It has code & tag completion, error flagging, scroll syncing, as well as syntax highlighting.

I wish they had a "remember this device" option for their Two-Factor Authentication. Sure it's more secure but can be inconvenient at times.

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Decision at Coolfront Technologies about SendGrid

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Email service used within Coolfront Mobile to send emails and track emails to contractors and their customers (e.g. home-owners). SendGrid

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Decision at Flutter Health Inc. about SendGrid

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SendGrid is easy to set up and use. For Flutter it is used as a Heroku add-on to send the automated emails. SendGrid

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Decision about SendGrid

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Easy API, does what the box says it does, good toolset for expanded email tracking when needed. SendGrid

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Decision at Kurzor, s.r.o. about SendGrid

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SendGrid came to our attention as a great way of handling outgoing e-mail communication. Mass capabilities, spam handling and the sheer power of MailChimp as a vendor made our decision here. SendGrid

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Decision about SendGrid

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captain of a starship at electronic dreams

worked with the sendgrid api for a couple of clients as well as when working talenthouse. SendGrid

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Decision about SendGrid

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Fast, painless EV HTTPS at certsimple

Sending welcome emails, chasing potential customers, providing customers with help, password reset emails, etc. SendGrid

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