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Decision at Uploadcare about Google Hangouts Chat, Webex, Skype, Zoom

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Uploadcare is mostly remote team and we're using video conferencing all the time both for internal team meetings and for external sales, support, interview, etc. calls. I think we've tried every solution there is on the market before we've decided to stop with Zoom.

Tools just plainly don't work (Skype), are painful to install for external participants (Webex and other "enterprise" solutions) can't properly handle 10+ participants calls (Google Hangouts Chat).

Zoom just works. It has all required features and even handles bad connections very graciously. One of the best tool decisions we've ever made :)

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Decision about Mattermost, Skype, Stride, HipChat, Slack

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CTO at Gemsotec bvba ·

I use Slack because it offers the best experience, even on the free tier (which we're still using). As a comparison, I have had in depth experience with HipChat, Stride, Skype, Google Chat (the new service), Google Hangouts (the old service). For self hosted, Mattermost is open source and claims to support most Slack integrations, but I have not extensively investigated this claim.

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Decision at SmartZip about Zoom, Skype,, Dialpad, VideoConferencing

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Full Stack Engineering Manager at ValiMail ·

Which VideoConferencing software to use?, #GoToMeeting, Google, Skype... Many of the previous software I experienced disappointed me or my team in many ways: problems joining, voice/video issues, having to register or install software first. And easily, each time we just waste 10-15mn waiting for everyone to join.

Too many signs it was time for a change.

At my previous company, SmartZip, I made the switch to #UberConference. A Dialpad service. We're currently using Zoom at Stessa. I really like it too.

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Decision at Gentlent about Zendesk, Skype, G Suite

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CEO at Gentlent ·

We decided to use G Suite, Skype, and Zendesk, due to its great UI and simple solutions to organizational problems.

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Decision at SmartLogic about Skype

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SmartLogic values communication very highly. We use Skype to keep the conversation going with our clients and we use it internally, too. Skype

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Decision about Skype

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Chief Technology Officer at TOMIS ·

Because I have to... easy to do quick conference calls and screen-sharing. Skype

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Decision about Skype

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Front End Web Developer ·

I use Skype for Business to have virtual meetings with members of my team and to communicate about projects at KHM Travel Group. Skype

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Decision at Labinator about Bitbucket, Skype

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We use Skype for communications and support. As Skype is very popular among our clients, it became our choice as well.

As for repositories, we use Bitbucket for its amazing list of features and ease of use. It is a great choice when it comes to private repositories.

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Decision at dotmos about Skype

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Chief Technology Officer at TOMIS ·

Allows us to communicate with our employees who are all in different countries when they are not logged into Slack. Also used to vet new employees. Skype

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Decision at eXon Technologies about Skype

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We are using Skype to help your customers in realtime. Sometimes you need to chat or talk with customer right away and this is best option for us right now. Skype

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