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Needs advice

Hello All,

I would like some advice on what you would suggest for a website showing products & services. Max, about 100 products. No eCommerce features are required at the moment. I will also add a search feature and a couple of forms.

I already use Storyblok CMS for the content side of things. One thing that worries me about choosing the build is I ideally don't want the public API key visible, just to prevent any future abuse. I understand if I use the build module in Nuxt.js for storybook, the API key is visible in $nuxt in the console.

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Lead Engineer, Developer Relations & Merchant Strategy at Nacelle

Hey Andrew,

This is a common question I鈥檝e dealt with a lot. I鈥檝e been using Nuxt professionally for over 3 years now, and one solution is to proxy your StoryBlok requests with another api endpoint, that way you only expose the data you want while protecting any other data you鈥檙e worried about. You can do this really easily using Vercel Serverless functions. Furthermore, using the Nuxt generate command, you can statically render your content at build time so your users won鈥檛 even hit an api at all when they are using your site!

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Andrew B
Andrew B
January 13th 2021 at 7:37AM

Thanks for the repsonse Levi.

Yeah i think that is the route i will take by doing proxy requests and using Nuxt. I'll have to check out Vercel, but i have used netlify serverless functions before.

Thanks again.

Web Developer at Soltech LLC

I love Nuxt. I'm using it for my own personal portfolio site, and as soon as I get the chance, I'm going to be utilizing it for a few of my clients site's as well as my own company's website.

As already mentioned, Nuxt is super easy to configure to build statically. The great thing about this is that api calls will all be made on the backend when your site is being built when content is released.

One thing that I recommend using a webhook to build your site statically each time content is updated in the CMS. In Netlify, these are called "build hooks", and pretty incredible to integrate.

Triggering a deploy in Netlify automatically after updating content in Strapi (
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