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There’s no doubt WordPress is a great CMS, which is very user friendly. When we started the company, our blog wasn’t really our top priority, and it ended up being hosted on a fairly obscure server within our setup, which didn’t really change much until recently when things become harder to manage and make significant updates.

As our marketing team increased, the amount of traffic that found us through our content marketing increased. We found ourselves struggling to maintain our Wordpress install given the amount of theme updates, plugins and security patches needing to be applied. Our biggest driver to find an alternative solution however was just how slow Wordpress is at serving content to the end user. I know there will be die hard fans out there with ways to set things up that mean WordPress sites can load quickly, but we needed something a lot more streamlined.

We could see in our own Real User Monitoring tool that many users were experiencing page load speeds of over five seconds, even longer in worst case scenarios. Hugo is an open source static site generator that has enabled us to reduce load times by over 500% and make our blog far more maintainable across the whole team.

The Raygun marketing site runs on a .NET CMS called N2 but we plan to swap that out with Hugo as well in future.

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Decision at Labinator about Debian, Manjaro, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, WordPress, PHP, Vanilla.JS, Sass, CSS 3, HTML5

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At labinator.com, we use HTML5, CSS 3, Sass, Vanilla.JS and PHP when building our premium WordPress themes and plugins. When writing our codes, we use Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code depending on the project. We run Manjaro and Debian operating systems in our office. Manjaro is a great desktop operating system for all range of tasks while Debian is a solid choice for servers.

WordPress became a very popular choice when it comes to content management systems and building websites. It is easy to learn and has a great community behind it. The high number of plugins as well that are available for WordPress allows any user to customize it depending on his/her needs.

For development, HTML5 with Sass is our go-to choice when building our themes.

Main Advantages Of Sass:

  • It's CSS syntax friendly
  • It offers variables
  • It uses a nested syntax
  • It includes mixins
  • Great community and online support.
  • Great documentation that is easy to read and follow.

As for PHP, we always thrive to use PHP 7.3+. After the introduction of PHP 7, the WordPress development process became more stable and reliable than before. If you a developer considering PHP 7.3+ for your project, it would be good to note the following benefits.

The Benefits Of Using PHP:

  • Open Source.
  • Highly Extendible.
  • Easy to learn and read.
  • Platform independent.
  • Compatible with APACHE.
  • Low development and maintenance cost.
  • Great community and support.
  • Detailed documentation that has everything you need!

Why PHP 7.3+?

  • Flexible Heredoc & Nowdoc Syntaxes - Two key methods for defining strings within PHP. They also became easier to read and more reliable.
  • A good boost in performance speed which is extremely important when it comes to WordPress development.
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Decision about WordPress, RabbitMQ, Symfony, WooCommerce, Pim

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We needed our e-commerce platform (built using WooCommerce) to be able to keep products in sync with our #pim (provided by #akeneo) which is built in Symfony . We hooked into the kernel.event_listener to send RabbitMQ messages to a WordPress API endpoint that triggers the updated product to rebuild with fresh data.

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Decision about WordPress

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I use WordPress because it is widely used and most popular cms. One of the most used CMS platforms, WordPress is loved by all beginner bloggers and developers alike. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is easy to use, manage, and update.

It also has the widest range of themes that enables you to build any kind of blog/website you want as per your needs and requirements. It offers you an array of best WordPress security plugins, backup plugins, SEO & Social media plugins and others that make it easy to add additional functionality to your website.

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Decision at PRIZ Guru about PHP, Ubuntu, MySQL, WordPress

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Recently released all new and beautiful website. We decided to go with a standard stack of WordPress on PHP, MySQL and Ubuntu . The main reason for this decision is to make the website management as easy as possible, since we need to concentrate on our product development. Besides, there are so many options to outsource this kind of work, as WordPress is super popular (even though probably not the best (IMHO)

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Decision at Royal Legal Solutions about WordPress

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We originally chose WordPress as an easy way to bootstrap a business website. Our company and business model have evolved dramatically, so we're moving more and more toward custom solutions.

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Decision at Absolute Smile about WordPress

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Absolute Smile serves patients with a full range of general dentistry services to ensure optimal oral health. If you are looking for a dentist in Pennsylvania, make your appointment at Absolute Smile. We provide a variety of dental services including Cosmetic Dentistry, Botox, Dental Implants, Invisalign, Laser Dentistry, Occlusal Adjustment, Periodontal Services, Bruxism, and TMJ. WordPress

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Decision at Absolum about WordPress

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We use WordPress because its easy for non-technical people to edit. It our first choice for non-technical Web design clients and it's great for SEO. We do recommend buying a template pack for it, so admininstration with multiple sites does not become a burden.

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