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On the backend side we started using Docker almost 2 years ago. Looking back, this was absolutely the right decision, as running things manually with so many services and so few engineers wouldn’t have been possible at all.

While in the beginning we used it mostly to ease-up local development, we have since started using it quickly to also run all of our CI & CD pipeline on top of it. This not only enabled us to speed things up drastically locally by using Docker Compose to spin up different services & dependencies and making sure they can talk to each other, but also made sure that we had reliable builds on our build infrastructure and could easily debug problems using the baked images in case anything should go wrong. Using Docker was a slight change in the beginning but we ultimately found that it forces you to think through how your services are composed and structured and thus improves the way you structure your systems.


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‎Co-Founder and CTO at Dubsmash