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For my company and also for myself i need to build some application and for this obviously i need a backend. I' m the only software developer of my company and for this i need to search the right tool to use. The philosophy of my company is that the more important thig is that the data must be stored correctly and in case of necessities need to be restored in any case, the tools that i use not matter but we need versability and development speed. The tools we use need to be fast because in the world we live it's a basic requisite, related with other software i have selected FastAPI because is a good meeting it's reduce development time, and have good stability and velocity. It's written in Python that have so much libraries that helps at high level with anything, and this improve development speed and also reliability because the tool are written from specialist of this field. In particular FastAPI im my opinion have a good skeleton that facilitate the expansion for example it's typed, and for a series of thigs less error prone than libertarian software library and this improve manutention time. In the end one of the first important things it's well documented with real world examples, and also real world software that facilitate most of the works.

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