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  • Amazon CloudFront is used for serving media assets securely

  • Google Analytics is used to better the usage flow

  • Google Apps MX is used for email handling

  • Python is used to power Django

  • Django is used as a framework behind the project

  • Gunicorn is used as the backend webserver

  • Bootstrap is used for mobile, tablet and desktop rendering of the web pages.

  • Linode is used for load balancer, web server, database server etc.

  • Javascript is used for client side logic

  • jQuery is used offload some of the work to the client (browser) so not everything has to be done on the server side.

  • jQuery Mobile is used for swiping images in carousel.

  • Postmark is used for user-triggered event emails.

  • Bitbucket is used for the project as a whole

  • Github is used for all public resealable apps, config and scripts

  • Web Proxy working in front of Gunicorn

  • Performant database

  • Provides REST API