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We chose PostgreSQL as our database due to it being relational. Given that our data is structured and limited, it would be easier to build schemas, divide the data into categories and define relationships between data points. These relationships will have constraints which will promote a high level of data integrity. Moreover, it is very easy to navigate around the database and join the tables to get whatever we desire. Our data would also comfortably fit in rows and columns and the data transactions would be very secure which makes a relational database a better choice. We picked PostgreSQL as the relational database because it is fast, it supports a wide array of extensions, and has high scalability. Being an object-relational database, PostgreSQL includes features like table-inheritance and function-overloading which will be beneficial. In addition to that, all of the team members have prior experience in using it. It is also very easy to connect the database to Python on the back-end with pyodbc which makes it extremely easy to work with.

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