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For our cloud platform, we will be using Heroku. Heroku allows us to focus on the code and innovation rather than the infrastructure and operations, and have a unified dashboard for the team, hence improving the team’s productivity. It also has broad support for many modern technologies, making it easy to integrate whatever building blocks might be required for our application. Moreover, a strong command-line interface makes it easy and quick to use.

In order to store our videos, we will be using Amazon S3, a very durable and accessible storage service which integrates cleanly with Heroku. It is a secure object storage platform with a simple web service interface that can store and retrieve any amount of data at any time. This will make it extremely easy to store a large number of files on Amazon S3 and use them with Heroku when needed. Furthermore, it lets us preserve, retrieve and restore every version of every object in the bucket which would be beneficial for getting older versions of our data if needed. There are also many options for cloud data migration which makes it simple to transfer large amounts of data to Amazon S3 or out of Amazon S3

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