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Mobile A/B testing tool for you to run tests, analyze results and increase revenue
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What is Vessel?

A/B testing with Vessel allows you to deploy any test instantly. You have complete control over each part of the process - from color to messaging to test group size. Vessel offers deep level real-time monitoring so that you're able to learn everything there is to know about user trends and how to increase retention. Each test you deploy will end up with a winning variation.
Vessel is a tool in the Mobile A/B Testing category of a tech stack.

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Vessel's Features

  • REVENUE TRACKING- Track your revenue in real-time.
  • DEEP INSIGHT FUNNEL- Find out exactly where you are losing their attention
  • SESSION TIMES- Lean how much time your users spend with your app
  • USER TRENDS- Find our what your users like/dislike within your app

Vessel Alternatives & Comparisons

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Amazon A/B Testing
Run A/B Tests on the fly without writing client-side code or redeploying your app.
Our integrated solution delivers meaningful engagement across messaging and the in-app experience. We offer Messaging, Automation, App Editing, Personalization, A/B Testing, and Analytics.
Arise integrates seamlessly with your app. Arise's SDK for iOS, Android and PhoneGap will never slow down your app.
Taplytics is a mobile A/B testing service for native apps. By integrating our small SDK in you app, you can run experiments and deploy them to your users without requiring an App Store Update
A/B testing & feature release management for mobile product teams. Know what works before a full release. Test and refine everything in your app. Reduce dependence on developers; accelerate development cycles. Get insights from your users.
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