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I have learned both Node.js and Deno. Node.js is stable and has got an amazing library. Deno has also got nice features, but it is new. I am confused about choosing one technology among Node.js and Deno for my next project related to E-commerce. Please suggest...

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Thanks for the question , it really depends on your tendency to have an application being developed for the longer term and you want type security , less chances of having broken packages / security issues --> deno seems to be good choice but at the same time following good practices in Node also ( . thus i think deno doesnt match even bare minimum when it comes to provide at moment's notice diffrent libraries for the same category of needs for an task ( UI , data processing , machine learning , name what you can event think of) . also you can , on higher level , integrate Nix packet manager to manage the npm thus adding the functional / atomic upgrades

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I have been using Node.js lately, and I find it awesome. Although I am using TypeScript (TS), and Deno.js claims to have an easier and better integration with the amazing JS superset, I do not find appealing. The truth is I have not used Deno.js, but I have seen some tutorials when it was first released. However, I would definitely recommend Node.js, especially for a big/serious project, like an e-commerce website / application. The community is huge and you can find answers to your questions or issues, far more easily. Also, I do not know if many packages/libraries are supported by Deno.js yet, so that might be an issue.

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