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Companies using Visual Studio
How Visual Studio is being used
  • #<User:0x00007f27603cfe18> HealthScout

    Our default development environment - comes prepackaged with a huge suite of tools and plugins. Coupled with ReSharper it is pretty hard to beat.

  • DigitalPermits

    #<User:0x00007f275f4cdeb0> DigitalPermits

    We are an ASP.NET shop, so it is fitting that we use Visual Studio. The biggest advantage that VS gives us is the first-class debugger, and the ReSharper refactoring tools. We do use Sublime, Brackets, Vim, Emacs, and other editors in conjunction with VS since VS does can take a long time to load.

  • #<User:0x00007f275ec6d3b0> Flynn Service Web App

    Primary IDE.

  • #<User:0x00007f275edd1238> One Legal

    Our IDE

  • Seen on Set

    #<User:0x00007f275ef721c8> Seen on Set

    The website is built with C# and ASP.NET MVC. VS is the obvious development environment.

  • GHA Technologies

    #<User:0x00007f275e8d0e28> GHA Technologies

    Has best go2 resources for full-scale ASP.NET project.

  • Privacy Rules Service

    #<User:0x00007f275e9e1858> Privacy Rules Service

    Dev environment for PRS and EARS API's

  • Ambar

    #<User:0x00007f275eba9898> Ambar

    We use VS Code as our main IDE

  • #<User:0x00007f275e4252c0> Loog

    All of our development activities are done with Visual Studio.