The candidate facing web version of Wirkn.

  • NGINX sits in front of all of our web servers. It is fantastic at load balancing traffic as well as serving as a cache at times when under massive load. It's a robust tool that we're happy to have at the front lines of all Wirkn web apps.

  • jQuery has it's quirks, but they're well understood. We opted for a more traditional web app using older, more well-tested technologies like jQuery instead of newer "single page application" type apps.

  • All backend servers at Wirkn are based on Node.js. Our production servers are always kept up to date with the latest LTS version.

  • Redis is our in-app cache and session storage data layer.

  • Jenkins is our go-to devops automation tool. We use it for automated test builds, all the way up to server updates and deploys. It really helps maintain our homegrown continuous-integration suite. It even does our blue/green deploys.

  • Our web EC2 instances proudly run Ubuntu Server.

  • Our PostgreSQL servers, where we keep the bulk of Wirkn data, are hosted on the fantastically easy and reliable AWS RDS platform.

  • Our Kibana instances uses our ElasticSearch search data to help answer any complicated questions we have about our data.

  • Most of what people want to do with Wirkn is related to searching or filtering in some form or another. We normalize our data into ElasticSearch for fast, robust, search capabilities. Why not use PostgreSQL's great full-text search? Because ElasticSearch allows us to use Kibana as well.

  • AWS Elastic Transcoder has helped us scale the thousands of video application uploads we get a month.

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