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I first found .NET in 2003 when I first began learning to create software. Every year since then, I've watched as .NET matured into something great, and now we have .NET Core! At Contessa Health, we use .NET Core for a mixture of things including fine-grained and coarse-grained web services, worker processes for long running tasks, and for our Azure Functions that serve as a replacement for distributing our base class libraries. As a startup, we are constantly evaluating technologies to make sure we stay fresh, and we keep coming back to .NET Core because of its ecosystem, maturity of the tooling, and for its ability to help us iterate and move quickly. Take all of that and combine it with the Kubernetes ecosystem, and we have an easy way to orchestrate and compose power service offerings that meet the needs of our customers. It cannot be said enough that Microsoft’s commitment to open source has yielded incredible benefits for small companies such as ourselves. Our voices are heard, and we get to help make .NET Core better, which in turn helps everyone else.

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