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All-in-one cloud service that optimizes, protects, and monitors websites on any platform.
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What is Yottaa?

Yottaa optimizes, protects and monitors websites and web applications, delivering speed, scale, security and actionable insight. Yottaa customers benefit from websites with better user experience, improved SEO and higher conversions.
Yottaa is a tool in the Website Accelerator category of a tech stack.

Who uses Yottaa?

9 companies reportedly use Yottaa in their tech stacks, including Zenefits, Sinch_Site, and Referral SaaSquatch.

9 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Yottaa.

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Yottaa's Features

  • Front End Optimization: Automatically reduce asset size, minimize server requests, and facilitate parallel delivery of assets and execution of scripts.
  • Accelerated Dynamic, Mobile and Secure Content: Automatically apply device- and browser-specific optimization techniques and accelerate HTTPS (SSL) traffic.
  • Testing, Analysis and Optimization: Identify key bottlenecks, define custom rules for handling page assets, and visualize the impact on site performance and content rendering.
  • Content Caching and Edge Delivery: Accelerate page load times and reduce load on your infrastructure by serving content from Yottaa’s network of 20+ globally-distributed data centers.
  • Integration with Any CDN: Integrate seamlessly with your current configuration. Extend or replace Yottaa’s CDN with another content delivery network, based on your infrastructure and market requirements, in seconds.
  • IP Anycast Routing: Reduce network latency by redirecting requests and serving content from the closest geographic server.
  • Malicious Traffic Blocking: Shield your site from a variety of threats, including network attacks and denial of service attacks.
  • Content Protection: Throttle (or block) page scrapers to protect site content, and minimize contention for data center resources with “good” traffic.
  • HTTPS/SSL Acceleration: Accelerate and protect SSL traffic by leveraging Yottaa’s proprietary SSL termination software, and the thousands of servers in Yottaa’s global cloud network.
  • Traffic Analytics: Track every request going to your site, and carry out interactive analysis that provides real-time intelligence into ALL your site traffic (including traffic invisible to web analytics services such as Google Analytics).
  • High Performance DNS Service: Resolve DNS requests closest to your web visitor’s geographic location using Yottaa’s globally distributed DNS network.
  • Elimination of DNS as a Single Point of Failure: Now you no longer need to settle for the typical single-location server offered by most commodity DNS registrars and/or hosting providers.
  • DNS Attack Protection: Guard your domain records and shield your origin records. Prevent malicious DNS exploits, protect your infrastructure and visitor experience by letting the Yottaa network absorb and block DNS attacks.
  • 24/7 Detection and Alerts: Ensure your site’s availability and minimize service disruptions. Real-time alerts keep your team apprised of any potential issues.
  • Real Browser Testing: Analyze user experience around the world to you see what your visitors see. Define performance criteria, monitor key performance metrics for your site and benchmark against your competitors.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Diagnose problems using Site Monitor’s interactive data analysis and visualizations.
  • Real-world Testing: Using Yottaa’s global monitoring and testing network, you can test your web application via real browsers located at many locations around the world, using various last mile network connectivities to measure the end user experience.
  • Insightful Performance Tuning: Explore every asset’s impact on performance, identify bottlenecks using Yottaa’s interactive waterfall chart, and animate the page loading sequence to see what your users see.
  • Sampling Errors Eliminated: Schedule an unlimited number of tests to rigorously measure performance across the myriad of permutations that impact your online business.

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