This stack runs Yozora, a custom osu! server.

  • It's everywhere.

  • GitHub is our mirror and also holds some of our code as well as our issue tracker.

  • Version control method of choice.

  • PHP is the software powering our frontend. We're rewriting it to be much cleaner, faster, and better designed.

  • nginx is our web server under everything. We love it.

  • Node.js powers some of our smaller tools.

  • Python powers our backend Bancho and score submission server.

  • MySQL is our primary database for storing scores, user data, and much more.

  • Redis stores user sessions and leaderboards.

  • Ubuntu is the operating system powering both our production server and our storage/code hosting server.

  • CloudFlare is a simple protection method for requests sent to our server.

  • We receive donations and pay for our servers and other things through PayPal.

  • Datadog helps us monitor users, status, and everything else.

  • Gogs runs, our code hosting site. We use this because GitHub private organizations are too expensive for our needs and we need to be able to control the code.

  • Discord is our primary tool of communicating with users, staff, and running integrations.

  • Ruby powers some of our integrations. It's simple and great to program in.

  • Sublime Text is a text editor some of our developers use.

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