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What is HuBoard?

Adds a lightweight kanban board to GitHub issues, instantly adding project management to your GitHub projects. HuBoard is built from the ground up using the GitHub public API. HuBoard issues are GitHub issues, you will never have to deal with syncronization problems.
HuBoard is a tool in the Kanban for GitHub Issues category of a tech stack.

Who uses HuBoard?

3 companies reportedly use HuBoard in their tech stacks, including FRIL, Slash Sensei, and Prodsmart.

19 developers on StackShare have stated that they use HuBoard.

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Why developers like HuBoard?

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use HuBoard

HuBoard's Features

  • Lightweight Kanban Board
  • Three state multi faceted filtering
  • Super fast text search on the title
  • Drag to assign issues
  • Drag issues between milestones
  • Prioritize milestones
  • Link Repos together on a single board

HuBoard Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to HuBoard?
ZenHub is a lightweight browser extension that adds a powerful set of features directly into GitHub's UI.
Track priority and rank for your GitHub issues across multiple repositories. Automatically see issues moved across a board for you, when you open pull requests or create branches.
Codetree is a project management app deeply integrated with GitHub issues -- every issue in Codetree corresponds directly to an issue on GitHub. We offer both a compact list view and kanban taskboards.
Zube's a project management platform that syncs with GitHub issues in real time. Zube has a kanban / scrum board that's designed for developers, a powerful issue manager for team leads, and a ticketing system for the entire team. is the only project management tool that integrates natively within GitHub's user interface with fine grained permissions. Developers stay in an environment they love, and project managers get total visibility into the development process.
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