StackShare Introduces The Tech Stack File - The Universal Standard for Tech Stack Data to Power New AI Capabilities and Partner Ecosystem

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Introducing two new products to help customers leverage this new format: StackShare AI and StackShare Connect

OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--StackShare, the tech stack intelligence company, today announced the launch of the "Tech Stack File." This new open-source file format is set to become the universal standard for organizing, visualizing, and sharing tech stack data to streamline how organizations leverage technology data and artificial intelligence to accelerate innovation.

Historically, enterprise data on software engineering technologies has primarily been fragmented across spreadsheets and wikis. This outdated methodology has often been a barrier to efficient codebase onboarding, large scale migrations, and due diligence tasks. In collaboration with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) leadership team, StackShare identified the need that open source end users and projects have for a single source of truth for tech stack data.

With this launch StackShare addresses these challenges, making strides in an era dominated by rapid digital transformations, surging interest in AI applications, and accelerating tech sprawl.

Introducing the Tech Stack Data File: techstack.yml

At the heart of this initiative is techstack.yml---a comprehensive YML file that provides a detailed overview of an organization's complete technology profile, covering open source packages, commercial software, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), SaaS, and more.

The new techstack.yml file can be automatically generated and visualized through StackShare's new GitHub Application: Stack File, which can be accessed through The GitHub application uses StackShare APIs to generate tech stackfiles for every Git repository an organization connects. The GitHub app also generates a second file that visualizes the YML file through a Markdown file called Both files are added and updated through automated Pull Requests in GitHub, removing the need for any workflow changes.

Powering new AI capabilities and a partner ecosystem

To help customers further harness the power of this new file format, StackShare is launching two products: StackShare AI and StackShare Connect. StackShare AI offers insights from the platform's 1M+ developer community combined with an organization's tech stack data files to provide personalized insights and consolidation recommendations.

"The Tech Stack File is immediately useful as a way to auto-document your tech stacks for all your repos on GitHub. You just set it and forget it. But soon, with StackShare AI, you'll be able to get automated insights from the entire StackShare knowledgebase along with personalized recommendations using your tech stack files. You'll be able to make natural language queries to see consolidation opportunities, duplication, and more. The Tech Stack File is how we're fulfilling the promise of true Tech Stack Intelligence," said Yonas Beshawred, Founder & CEO at StackShare.

StackShare Connect enables seamless integration of tech stack data files with commonly used web services and applications. FOSSA, the open source management company, has partnered with StackShare to become the launch partner for StackShare Connect, enabling customers to enforce advanced open source policy governance and achieve comprehensive dependency oversight.

Kevin Wang, Founder & CEO of FOSSA, shared, "We're excited to partner with StackShare on this because we've seen demand from our customers asking for more robust tech stack data that goes beyond open source dependencies. Customers want to know what infrastructure, SaaS, and other technologies are being used and then apply governance policies to those. With StackShare Connect we're going to enable this and drive more value for our enterprise customers."

Future Directions

The initial response to the Tech Stack File from the StackShare community has been overwhelmingly positive. As the journey progresses, StackShare plans to:

  • Solicit feedback from CNCF project contributors and maintainers to provide guidance and suggestions on the file format
  • Expand the reach of the Tech Stack File through StackShare Connect partnerships
  • Open access to StackShare AI to StackShare Enterprise clients

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