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Decision at TrackJS about Mailgun, Mandrill

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President at TrackJS ·

We've moved our transactional email away from Mandrill to Mailgun. We had continued using Mandrill after Mailchimp deprecated the service awhile back, because the amount of credits we were offered essentially made it free.

However, following a couple weeks of frequent downtime and poor service transparency from Mandrill, we decided it was time to make the switch. It appears they no longer had any engineers with the ability to identify the core problems.

Mailgun has been more reliable, yet not as reliable as we expected. We still see issues a few times per week with the API failing when we attempt to make a call. The Reporting UI is way better.

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Decision at Fresha Engineering about Braintree, Twilio, Mandrill, Google Maps

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CTO at Shedul/Fresha ·

We make sure to implement only the functionalities that are specific to our business domain (Beauty & Wellness) & use other services for functionalities we find generic or secondary (they do not make us stand out). We've picked the most stable & popular ones we could find for such purposes: Google Maps (for salon location maps), Mandrill (sending mail notifications), Twilio (sending SMS notifications) or Braintree (for payments).

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Decision at Ataccama about Mandrill

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Cloud Solutions Product Owner at Ataccama ·

We use Mandrill to handle all transactional emailing - from welcome letters to password reminders to notifications. Mandrill

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Decision at Giftstarter about Mandrill

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Senior Engineer & Team Lead at Think For Yourself ·

We send monkeys to space and back with Mandrill. And transnational emails. Mandrill

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Decision at Pathwright about Mandrill

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Sr. Software Engineer at Aclima, Inc ·

We started off with AWS SES, but found it to be lacking in diagnostics and reporting. Mandrill is a quantum leap forward in this regard. Has some other really neat features carried over from MailChimp (templating). Mandrill

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Decision at Dynamictivity about Mandrill

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CEO at Dynamictivity, Inc. ·

Mandrill is used to send out all e-mail from the application and any tools and services in our infrastructure. Mandrill

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Decision about Mandrill

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For sending emails. I use this primarily for password resets in this application. Mandrill

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Decision at Foundbite about Mandrill

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Founder, Foundbite at Foundbite ·

We use Mandrill to send transactional emails and newsletters. We've just moved from SendGrid as Mandrill has far better support for templates and also integrates really nicely with MailChimp where we can design the emails. Mandrill

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Decision about Mandrill

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We have add-on for Agile Toolkit that implements "Outbox" for your application through Mandrill API. Mandrill

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