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Torbit is a cloud-based website accelerator service that makes websites faster. Torbit speeds up your site by automating these performance optimizations that are otherwise tedious for you to do by hand.

Torbit's Features
  • The metrics you care about- With performance data, itʼs important to look beyond averages since outliers are inevitable. Insight allows you to look at other key metrics such as your median and key percentiles (90th, 95th & 99th).
  • Real visitor data- See a histogram showing the breakdown of your site speed and get a better sense of the typical experience for your visitors. With 100% sampling, youʼll get valuable performance data for every visitor on every page.
  • Real time feedback- Did that latest code deployment make your website faster or slower? Is your server having capacity issues? By tracking your performance in real time, you can see how your speed changes and what your visitors are experiencing right now. With 1-second resolution, you have instant transparency into how your site is performing at any given moment.
  • Spot performance issues right away- With our live map view, see the loading times your visitors are experiencing right now and spot any performance issues that may be affecting a particular region.