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What is Yandex Metrica?

It helps you get descriptive reports and record the actions of individual users, find out what people are searching for on your site, collect statistics on each ad. Direct, and keep track of conversion rates - even while offline.
Yandex Metrica is a tool in the General Analytics category of a tech stack.

Who uses Yandex Metrica?

12 companies reportedly use Yandex Metrica in their tech stacks, including Botanalytics, Zamphyr, and RANSEL.ru.

7 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Yandex Metrica.

Why developers like Yandex Metrica?

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Yandex Metrica
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Yandex Metrica's Features

  • traffic
  • audience
  • behaviour

Yandex Metrica Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Yandex Metrica?
See how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.
It is a web analytics platform designed to give you the conclusive insights with our complete range of features. You can also evaluate the full user-experience of your visitor’s behaviour with its Conversion Optimization features, including Heatmaps, Sessions Recordings, Funnels, Goals, Form Analytics and A/B Testing.
Piwik is a full featured PHP MySQL software program that you download and install on your own webserver. Piwik aims to be a Free software alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 1,000,000 websites. Privacy is built-in!
Clicky Web Analytics gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors. Clicky has various features that helps stand it apart from the competition specifically Spy and RSS feeds that allow web site owners to get live information about their visitors.
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