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Integrated platform that simplifies and speeds up the development and deployment of web, mobile, desktop, and client-server applications.
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What is 4D?

It is a cross-platform development environment and deployment infrastructure available in both Single-User and Client-Server. 4D contains it's own high level programming language and a RDBMS with a SQL engine. 4D is an IDE and a Compiler that facilitates the creation of machine code directly executable on both Windows and Mac.
4D is a tool in the Integration Tools category of a tech stack.

Why developers like 4D?

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4D's Features

  • SQL Server
  • SOAP Server
  • Web Server
  • Client-Server
  • Compiler
  • IDE
  • Plugin SDK (C++)
  • Compiler
  • Integrated PHP Engine
  • 64 bit

4D Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to 4D?
Apache Camel
An open source Java framework that focuses on making integration easier and more accessible to developers.
FUSE for macOS
Allows you to extend macOS's native file handling capabilities via third-party file systems.
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