The tools i know how to use alongside the tools I currently use.

  • We use Google Analytics to monitor usage of our website and web application Helper.

  • We use G-Suite because it's the best...calendars, e-mail, drive, docs, what else could a company want?

  • We communicate via slack, last week we sent 1619 messages amongst one another.

  • We use bitbucket running Git for all of our repos.

  • We use Google Drive to share files and docs.

  • We use Cloudfront for our website.

  • We use JIRA for project management and have a serious love/hate relationship with it.

  • We use MailChimp for marketing automation.

  • We use Confluence for developer and engineer documentation.

  • We use XCode because we develop for iPhone.

  • We use Route 53 for our AWS related DNS needs.

  • We use Pingdom to monitor uptime.

  • We use multiple yarn packages in our web presence and backend.

  • We use Cognito to manage our users.

  • We use Plivo to support the text messaging function of our Helper web based application.

  • We use Sketch (alongside a bit of Adobe XD) for the majority of our UI design flow and for mockup creation.

  • Illustrator is used for our logos and to build a variety of small parts of our website and apps.

  • We use IAM to simplify permissions and help enforce HIPAA rules on AWS.

  • We use Photoshop in creating advertising and communications campaigns.