Our Full stack: Mobile, Front, Back & Hosting

  • Android Mobile Application is partially developed with Android Studio (UI Component only) The core is developed with Xamarin.

  • Mainly for the Mobile Application. Invision is an awesome tool for fast prototyping, especially on mobile devices.

  • Jira is a good project management tool when Agile is activated. We are a bit unsatisfied with the QOS, the app is often slow.

  • World class cloud storage.

  • Git is simply the best version control system to date.

  • Easy to use & free

  • Integrates easily with Jira.

  • Excellent Front-End package manager.

  • Just awesome service from amazon to deploy your app around the world. International deployment used to be impossible for start-ups, it is now available and affordable.

  • Among the best Front-End JS Framework Update: React & Angular2 are now leading but we are now stuck with AngularJS :-)

  • We don't use it anymore

  • JS JS JS

  • We decided to go for Relational Database and PostgreSQL was the best fit (Search for custom fields etc).

  • Functionnal Programming at its best.

  • Best Open Source CI Software. We use it for Web, Mobile and BackEnd

  • Swift is a modern language we use to build native iOS apps

  • Great Build tool for complex Web App.