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I use Laravel because it's the most advances PHP framework out there, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade and most of all : easy to get a handle on, and to follow every new technology ! PhpStorm is our main software to code, as of simplicity and full range of tools for a modern application.

Google Analytics Analytics of course for a tailored analytics, Bulma as an innovative CSS framework, coupled with our Sass (Scss) pre-processor.

As of more basic stuff, we use HTML5, JavaScript (but with Vue.js too) and Webpack to handle the generation of all this.

To deploy, we set up Buddy to easily send the updates on our nginx / Ubuntu server, where it will connect to our GitHub Git private repository, pull and do all the operations needed with Deployer .

CloudFlare ensure the rapidity of distribution of our content, and Let's Encrypt the https certificate that is more than necessary when we'll want to sell some products with our Stripe api calls.

Asana is here to let us list all the functionalities, possibilities and ideas we want to implement.

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Richard Moore
Richard Moore
January 20th 2020 at 2:23pm

Buddy.works was actually the first automation tool that did not require a huge up front investment to get started. The integration with Digital Ocean was also a key factor in choosing this. Great product that just gets better!

Marc Jones
Marc Jones
February 10th 2020 at 9:13pm

It's super good. We just switched to it at our agency that hosts hundreds of sites. It's faster, easier, and more feature rich than our previous solution.