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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about GitLab, Sonatype Nexus

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·
Sonatype NexusSonatype Nexus

We use Sonatype Nexus to store our closed-source java libraries to simplify our deployment and dependency-management. While there are many alternatives, most of them are expensive ( GitLab Enterprise ), monilithic ( @Artifactory ) or only offer SaaS-licences. We preferred the on-premise approach of Nexus and therefore decided to use it.

We exclusively use the Maven-capabilities and are glad that the modular design of Nexus allows us to run it very lightweight.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Sentry, GitLab, PostgreSQL, MariaDB

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We primarily use MariaDB but use PostgreSQL as a part of GitLab , Sentry and @Nextcloud , which (initially) forced us to use it anyways. While this isn't much of a decision – because we didn't have one (ha ha) – we learned to love the perks and advantages of PostgreSQL anyways. PostgreSQLs extension system makes it even more flexible than a lot of the other SQL-based DBs (that only offer stored procedures) and the additional JOIN options, the enhanced role management and the different authentication options came in really handy, when doing manual maintenance on the databases.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about OVH, DigitalOcean, Hetzner Online AG

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Hetzner Online AGHetzner Online AG

We use Hetzner Online AG since the inception of our business, because of the great prices, marvelous support and great interface (especially the new cloud interface). Other options that we tested are DigitalOcean (was more expensive than the new hetzner cloud and didn't offer "huge" dedicated servers), @Vultr (about the same issue as with DigitalOcean , although the prices were better), OVH (Prices, old interface, no "tiny" packages and [at least back at the day] only monthly payment) and Living Bots (Only dedicated servers, too expensive for our needs).

Hetzner offered the best spectrum of servers and has great prices and REALLY great prices in the server auctions.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Jenkins, GitLab Pages, GitLab, GitLab CI

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GitLab PagesGitLab Pages
GitLab CIGitLab CI

We use GitLab CI because of the great native integration as a part of the GitLab framework and the linting-capabilities it offers. The visualization of complex pipelines and the embedding within the project overview made Gitlab CI even more convenient. We use it for all projects, all deployments and as a part of GitLab Pages.

While we initially used the Shell-executor, we quickly switched to the Docker-executor and use it exclusively now.

We formerly used Jenkins but preferred to handle everything within GitLab . Aside from the unification of our infrastructure another motivation was the "configuration-in-file"-approach, that Gitlab CI offered, while Jenkins support of this concept was very limited and users had to resort to using the webinterface. Since the file is included within the repository, it is also version controlled, which was a huge plus for us.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Flyway

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We use Flyway because we're convinced, that database schemas (DDL) should be within our version control system. Code and database belong together and Flyway is an easy and powerful way to achieve that goal. The API is easy to use and even though a commercial licence is offered, it is by no means mandatory, which was an important criterion for us.

We also wanted to integrate the migration directly into the code as we run in a serverless environment, where manual migrations are troublesome and the code itself essentially needs to migrate the database, based on its own findings. Flyway offers this capability and we didn't find any other solution, that was as lightweight while still being powerful and flexible.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Wekan, Trello, Google Drive

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Google DriveGoogle Drive

We use @Nextcloud for company-file-management, personal work-documents and for collaborative work (through collabora), organize our #TODOs, that are not covered by the Bugtracker. Existing solutions either were very expensive ( Google Drive ), missed a lot of features ( Trello ) or were pretty much overloaded with features ( Wekan within Sandstorm ).

That made @Nextcloud our natural fit for our company management and we're convinced of its integrations and flexibility.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about ESLint

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·

We use ESLint because we like to remove the general thinking-overhead when writing software. ESLint offers many presets, while also providing users with a lot of customization features. We use ESLint in conjunction with the javascript "standard" configuration (and for our vueJS-projects the "recommended" settings).

The other option we considered was @JSHint, but we scrapped that, as forward-compatibility is essential for us and ESLint is more fast-paced in its development and supports ESnext natively.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Mailgun

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·

After tinkering around with our own mail-server setup involving Dovecot, Postfix and SpamAssasin, we finally decided to use Mailgun because of the terrible state the current mail infrastructure is in. Even though we implemented all common security techniques (TLSA, CAA, DANE, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, TLS), our mails still arrived in spam folder of some mail service-providers.

We decided to give Mailgun a chance because of the 10k free mails each months, that are sufficient for us and the implementation as a relay was very easy and our users didn't need to do any migration.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about GitLab Pages

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·
GitLab PagesGitLab Pages

GitLab Pages offers us a great way of internal documentation-presentation (javadoc, jsdoc, etc.) and and acts as a static document repository for things like our checkstyle-configuration, which makes it a flexible and powerful part of the GitLab infrastructure.

While there are obviously other options like a normal directory on the servers or a fully-fledged website that uses the gitlab-api to display this data, we decided to use Gitlab Pages as we can deploy to the page as a part of our gitlab ci pipeline.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Netty

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·

We use Netty because it is THE defacto-standard for asynchronous network communication in Java and it excels at the flexible pipeline design and the great thread architecture.

We use Netty for the communication between our servers (Spigot), servers and proxies (Spigot and BungeeCord) aswell as proxies und our global overseer-instance. Finally we also use it for the java-side of our website-overseer-communication.

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