• Monitoring, notifying, escalation, quick diagnostic Datadog does it all

  • My main tool for container orchestration since 0.8

  • Because sometime it's faster to do it with node than PHP :)

  • Main all road language

  • Automating build, running specs, blocking pull request, deploy on the Kubernetes, Jenkins does this all with ease.

  • Because managing many machine by hand is bad for productivity and horrible for the colleague.

  • Speaking about Read in CQRS, elastic is the one stop ! Scalable, resilient, powerful, HTTP API ...

  • Doorman of choice

  • The lazy way to federate logs from all sources and explore them.

  • Team communication, robot integration the central point for everybody

  • The way css should have been.

  • Production, development, at home if I need anything it will be in docker. In conjunction with virtual machine if I need real isolation

  • Document, test, mock, share internally and externally API endpoints. Great tool to reduce friction by separating concerns between frontend and backend

  • Front, back, server config, I can edit everything and when I need smart things it has it

  • And if developper can also code the load balancer ? Add plugin, dynamically change backend, Kong give this versatility

  • Virtual DOM, Clean state management, great dev tools, javascript at it's best