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What is Accountable?

Accountable provides a guided walk through to ensure that you are doing everything you need in order to safely say that you are HIPAA compliant.
Accountable is a tool in the Compliance category of a tech stack.

Who uses Accountable?

Accountable's Features

  • Complete Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • Business Associate Agreement Automation
  • Simplification of HIPAA

Accountable Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Accountable?
Aptible is the world’s first application deployment platform built to automate HIPAA compliance for web and mobile technology. Run the applications and databases of your choice. Seamlessly integrate advanced compliance tools with the platform to generate all of the documentation, audit logs, and explanatory materials you need to demonstrate compliance with every aspect of HIPAA.
It is an IT infrastructure automation and Continuous Operations framework that helps engineers, system administrators and other stakeholders in an IT organization manage IT infrastructure while ensuring service levels and compliance

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