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Acunote is an agile project management tool and Scrum software. Companies from 1 to 100,000 people use it to manage software development, IT project management, and as an online project management software for the whole company.

Acunote's Features
  • Projects- You use projects to split the work between multiple teams or departments.
  • Sprints- A sprint will contain list of tasks that you expect to finish in this time.
  • Backlog- Backlog is like a sprint, except it doesn't have dates, so it's always in the future. When you are ready to work on some tasks in Backlog you move them to the next sprint.
  • Tasks- Tasks store your work description, status, estimate and remaining time, comments, attachments, due dates, dependencies and more.
  • Analytics- You can view analytics for a sprint in the right sidebar. You'll see a burndown chart and predictions for when the work will be done. They give you easy-to-read information on work getting done, warn you early when things are not going right.
  • Area Burndown- You can use area burndown chart to see whether your project will really get finished.
  • Wiki- Acunote includes a wiki, both for each project and for details of each task. You can use GUI editor to format text, or use our wiki language directly. The wikis supports product management workflow for writing and maintaining requirement documents and dashboards.
  • Access Control- If you are a consulting company, or if you need to for some other reason, you can restrict access to projects to only some users
  • Timeline- Every operation in Acunote is recorded. You can see who did what and when on the Timeline page. You can also get email notifications for changes using News Feed.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts- Many operations in Acunote can be controlled with keyboard.

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