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What is Assemblage?

For more efficient projects, teams and meetings. Collaborate directly in your browser. Supports 20+ filetypes. Draw, annotate and edit with partners, co-workers or friends. All changes happen real-time on all screens.
Assemblage is a tool in the Visual Collaboration category of a tech stack.

Who uses Assemblage?


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Assemblage's Features

  • See and compare multiple visual elements at the same time with an unlimited number of people
  • Review, edit and comment simultaneously on previews of large image/video files
  • Instant overview of large amounts of visual material
  • Unlimited access for partners and clients
  • Virtual image/video bank grouped by projects
  • Insight into each other鈥檚 thought processes, making it possible to innovate and share visual ideas without being in the same room.
  • Real-time collaboration across borders means less travelling and less costs
  • Teams can gather inspiration from anywhere across the web
  • Give synced presentations across web and mobile platforms no matter where the presenters and viewers are located.

Assemblage Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Assemblage?
It is a visual collaboration platform to create, collaborate, and centralize communication across your company on a single online whiteboard.
It is a work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable video.
Created by the founders of ProofHQ, Ziflow's enterprise online proofing software helps brands and agencies deliver marketing projects faster by streamlining the review and approval of creative content, improving collaboration, centralizing feedback and eliminating manual steps through automated workflow. It replaces email, printouts and other ad-hoc methods for reviewing creative content with an enterprise-ready, pure-play online proofing solution.
It is a modern task management app for creative teams. It lets you map out your big ideas, break them down into small steps, and tackle them one by one with your team.
Share and discuss your ideas, documents and concepts visually in one place rather than exchanging endless e-mail attachments.
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