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For more efficient projects, teams and meetings. Collaborate directly in your browser. Supports 20+ filetypes. Draw, annotate and edit with partners, co-workers or friends. All changes happen real-time on all screens.

Assemblage's Features
  • See and compare multiple visual elements at the same time with an unlimited number of people
  • Review, edit and comment simultaneously on previews of large image/video files
  • Instant overview of large amounts of visual material
  • Unlimited access for partners and clients
  • Virtual image/video bank grouped by projects
  • Insight into each other’s thought processes, making it possible to innovate and share visual ideas without being in the same room.
  • Real-time collaboration across borders means less travelling and less costs
  • Teams can gather inspiration from anywhere across the web
  • Give synced presentations across web and mobile platforms no matter where the presenters and viewers are located.