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Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
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What is AWS CLI?

It is a unified tool to manage your AWS services. With just one tool to download and configure, you can control multiple AWS services from the command line and automate them through scripts.
AWS CLI is a tool in the AWS Tools category of a tech stack.
AWS CLI is an open source tool with 14.3K GitHub stars and 3.9K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to AWS CLI's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses AWS CLI?

17 companies reportedly use AWS CLI in their tech stacks, including base, Tophatter, and Sami.

113 developers on StackShare have stated that they use AWS CLI.

AWS CLI Integrations

Linux, Windows, macOS, 1Password, and AWS Shell are some of the popular tools that integrate with AWS CLI. Here's a list of all 12 tools that integrate with AWS CLI.

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AWS CLI's Features

  • File Commands for Amazon S3
  • Control multiple AWS services
  • URI-based Parameter Input

AWS CLI Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to AWS CLI?
A command-line shell and scripting language built on .NET. Helps system administrators and power-users rapidly automate tasks that manage operating systems (Linux, macOS, and Windows) and processes.
AWS Shell
The AWS Command Line Interface is a unified tool to manage your AWS services.
With Terraform, you describe your complete infrastructure as code, even as it spans multiple service providers. Your servers may come from AWS, your DNS may come from CloudFlare, and your database may come from Heroku. Terraform will build all these resources across all these providers in parallel.
It is an SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. It is open source software that is available with source code and is developed and supported by a group of volunteers.
AWS Amplify
A JavaScript library for frontend and mobile developers building cloud-enabled applications. The library is a declarative interface across different categories of operations in order to make common tasks easier to add into your application. The default implementation works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources but is designed to be open and pluggable for usage with other cloud services that wish to provide an implementation or custom backends.
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