BackerKit manages your post-crowdfunding mayhem so that you can deliver on time.
Why people like BackerKit
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The wisdom from hundreds of projects is built right into BackerKit–– it’s the only software flexible enough to handle the realities of crowdfunding. $44.2M Rewards managed by BackerKit, $3.55M Raised on BackerKit, 505K Backers served

BackerKit's Features
  • Handle International Shipping Fees
  • Segment Backers
  • View, Track, and Edit Backer Info
  • Let Backers Order Additional Rewards
  • Distribute Digital Rewards
  • Export Custom Reports For DIY Shipping
  • Organize a Complex Project
  • Send a More Robust Survey
  • Seamlessly Take Pre-orders
  • Integrate With Fulfillment Partners
  • Let Backers Update Their Own Info
  • Correct Pledge/Shipping Errors
  • Itemize Rewards with SKUs
  • Get Item Counts for Rewards