Free, streamlined beta distribution for iOS/Android

What is Beta by Crashlytics?

A streamlined solution for distributing apps that gives you a single, cross-platform toolset for iOS and Android, and a delightful, effortless onboarding for your testers.

Beta by Crashlytics is a tool in the Beta Testing / Mobile App Distribution category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Beta by Crashlytics?

17 companies use Beta by Crashlytics including Airtasker, Hightail, and ZeeMee.

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Why people like Beta by Crashlytics

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Beta by Crashlytics.

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Beta by Crashlytics's Features

  • Dashboard that delivers detailed build, tester and developer information
  • See the activity of both your developers and your testers. All in one screen.
  • Integrated with Crashlytics- Get performance insight, starting with beta testing, all the way through App or Play store distribution.
  • Full support for Enterprise certificates and Enterprise signed apps.

Beta by Crashlytics's alternatives

  • TestFlight - iOS beta testing on the fly.
  • Fabric by Twitter - Mobile developer platform.
  • HockeyApp - Manage your betas and collect live crash reports for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and OS X apps.
  • TestFairy - Painless Beta Testing
  • BoardingBot - Send TestFlight invites automatically

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