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What is Bitdeli?

Build dashboards and reports with exactly the metrics you need using plain Python scripts. There is nothing new to learn. Bitdeli keeps your results up to date, no matter how much data you have or how complex your metrics are. Get started in minutes with our growing library of open-source analytics, created by experienced data hackers.

Bitdeli is a tool in the Custom Analytics category of a tech stack.

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To keep track of who is visiting the repo, but Github recently started offering something similar with Bitdeli

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Bitdeli's Features

  • Bitdeli organizes analytics as cards. A card can show where your business is going or what your users are doing - anything based on your data. A card can work as a dashboard or a live report.
  • Bitdeli can fetch data from your existing analytics provider and other 3rd party services, so you don't need to change anything to get started with Bitdeli.
  • You can also send data directly to Bitdeli to benefit from real-time analytics.

Bitdeli's alternatives

  • Keen - Keen is the embedded analytics API that makes shipping custom user-facing analytics easy and seamless.
  • Snowplow - Enterprise-strength web, mobile, and event analytics, powered by Hadoop, Kinesis, Redshift and Elasticsearch
  • Ahoy - A solid foundation for analytics on Rails
  • Rakam - Custom Analytics Platform

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