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The missing GUI Client for GRPC services
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What is BloomRPC?

Inspired by Postman and GraphQL Playground, BloomRPC aim to give the simplest and efficient developer experience for exploring and querying your GRPC services.
BloomRPC is a tool in the gRPC Tools category of a tech stack.
BloomRPC is an open source tool with 5.4K GitHub stars and 242 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to BloomRPC's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses BloomRPC?

3 companies reportedly use BloomRPC in their tech stacks, including Backend, Our Tools, and WISEflow.

8 developers on StackShare have stated that they use BloomRPC.

BloomRPC Integrations

BloomRPC's Features

  • Native GRPC calls
  • Unary Calls and Server Side Streaming Support
  • Client side and Bi-directional Streaming
  • Automatic Input recognition
  • Multi tabs operations
  • Metadata support
  • Persistent Workspace
  • Request Cancellation

BloomRPC's Followers
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