Pagely VPS-3

  • I use DynECT SMTP however if that fails it will fail over to send grid

  • pretty much everything

  • Tracking

  • WordPress with HHVM and all the things you can do it that make it the most appealing software for making websites for me.

  • RUM, uptime

  • it makes it very fast

  • fantastic tool to communicate with clients

  • I don't like AWS BUT Pagely's VPS-3 makes it work. I still use FireHost for most things

  • alerts me to any issues and blends well with other tools for uptime monitoring

  • this is used with mover in order to sync sites

  • The server is comprised of Varnish, Nginx & Apache it is SPDY and an excellent product.

  • Replaced memcache and alleviated lots of issues on the spot absolutely amazing caching, with memory-based storage it's a win-win.

  • Because it is required although the server is running HHVM every bit of code is PHP friendly it's an awesome synergy.

  • to replace PHP

  • Important emails