Recent Tech Decisions
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  • Cassandra

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    Stores massive data, distributed among many different clusters.

  • Ember.js

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    We're using a 100% Ember application in our main website,, after we decided to refactor it.

  • Otto

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    We still use Vagrant, but Otto will replace it soon.

  • Bootstrap

    brenoinojosa byteLore is built with Bootstrap 4, taking full advantage of Twitter's impressive HTML/CSS/JS framework.

  • Java

    brenoinojosa byteLore makes extensive use of Java in its applications. We use Java due to its performance, community and the number of other projects built in the language. We have many projects and libraries built in Java.

  • MySQL

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    Relational content, such as user data, posts, logs and other relevant but not so heavy data. Consumed by web servers.

  • Redis

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    Distributed caching for different applications to use.

  • Apache Spark

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    Data retrieval and analysis of Cassandra.

  • Apache Storm

    brenoinojosa byteLore

    Tasks in parallel are run by Storm.