Connecting artists, venues, and patrons.

  • Framework for building our MVP web app.

  • Stores our data (artists, patrons, venues, etc)

  • For front end rendering in the web app.

  • Used to accept booking fees and payroll. Doesn't require to save customer credit card info.

  • For basic proof of concept. Will switch to custom map layout later.

  • For CSS styling. Not required, but may use down the road.

  • For development marketing. To use later.

  • Importing/Exporting data, interpreting results. Possible integration with SAS

  • Central repository for holding our product code

  • Used for optimizing our dev workflow.

  • For building native OS X & iOS apps on a Mac

  • Language of choice for Windows desktop and mobile apps

  • Build & ship OS X & iOS apps from Visual Studio on Windows. Requires paid team license.

  • Internal communications & collaboration

  • E-mail marketing

  • user and revenue analytics. used to pitch to investors