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What is BugMuncher?

BugMuncher is the best way for users to give feedback and bug reports on your website. Users can highlight and black out areas of your site, then BugMuncher will create a screen shot and send it directly to you.

BugMuncher is a tool in the Bug Reporting category of a tech stack.

BugMuncher integrates with

GitHub, Trello, Bitbucket, JIRA, and Zendesk are some of the popular tools that integrate with BugMuncher. Here's a list of all 6 tools that integrate with BugMuncher.

Why people like BugMuncher

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use BugMuncher.

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BugMuncher's Features

  • Visual Feedback- With BugMuncher your users can highlight relevant areas of your site.
  • Privacy Protected- Users can black out their personal information, so their personal details stay private.
  • More User Info- BugMuncher feedback automatically includes user info like browser, version, screen size & operating system.
  • Instant Notification- Feedback and screenshots are instantly emailed directly to you, as well as being stored in your control panel.
  • Highlight- Your website's users can simply click and drag to highlight areas of your website relevant to their feedback. This shows you exactly what your users are describing.
  • Black Out- Users can also use 'black out' mode to cover up any sensitive information with black boxes before they send their feedback.
  • Preview and send.- Screenshots are then automatically created, and shown to your users for them to approve before being sent on to you, along with their description and browser details.
  • SSL Encryption- BugMuncher works over a secure, encrypted, SSL connection. This way you are safe in the knowledge that your data cannot be intercepted between your website and BugMuncher.
  • Instant Email Notification- BugMuncher can send you an instant email notification when ever a feedback report is submitted. This email contains all the report information, as well as the screenshot as an attachment.
  • Feedback Reports Saved- All Feedback reports and screenshots are saved to your BugMuncher control panel, allowing you to view, search and close them at your leisure. All data is backed up daily so you don't need to worry about ever losing your data.
  • User Information- Important User Information is automatically saved with all feedback reports, this data includes their browser and version, operating system, full user agent, screen size, and email address (if provided).
  • JavaScript API- BugMuncher's JavaScript API provides an interface through which you can open and close the widget, set call back functions for when the widget is opened and closed, and trigger silent screenshots.
  • Internationalisation- BugMuncher is currently available in English, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish, with more translations coming soon.

BugMuncher's alternative

  • BugHerd - Simple issue tracking for web developers.

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