Deploy and scale any app in Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and more.
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The cloudControl PaaS supports multiple languages and their ecosystems natively and without vendor lock-in through open source buildpacks. Native support means you can continue to use the tools you know and love for development and simply push your code to the cloudControl platform. A buildpack is run on each push and prepares your app for deployment. E.g. compiling source code, minifying CSS and Javascript assets, pulling in dependencies with Maven, Composer, PIP, Bundler and more.

cloudControl's Features
  • Develop and push code in any language- Native support for Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and more without vendor lock-in.
  • Deploy and scale your apps easily- Launch new versions without downtime and use horizontal or vertical scaling.
  • Use the flexible and secure runtime environment- Run your code in secure Linux containers and easily use Add-on services to add databases and more.

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